Pricing for Publishers & Agencies

Support for multiple authors and books.

Publisher and Agency accounts receive premium support, including:

Unlimited Downloads

There’s no limit on e-book sales and Book Perk downloads.

Unlimited Revisions

Need to make a change to your landing pages? No problem.

Unlimited Hosting

No usage limits or bandwidth restrictions.

Monthly Reports

Get frequent updates on your page’s progress.

Get Started

3 Landing Pages per month

Physical Book + Book Perks
  • Promote each book with a landing page + offer Book Perks.
  • Get 3 landing pages per month (save $99 per landing page).
  • Add buy links to a physical book on Amazon, B&N, Books-a-Million, etc.
  • Offer additional Book Perks including ebook downloads in multiple formats (.epub, .pdf, .mobi).
  • You set the price for ebooks and keep the profit.
  • Discounted credit card processing for ebooks (2.9% + $0.30 each transaction).
  • Unlimited downloads, hosting & bandwidth.
  • Use your own domain or