At Book Perks we offer more than just a landing page for your book. We provide all the necessary tools and features needed for you to launch a successful book marketing campaign.

One of the best ways you can encourage sales of your book or e-book online is to offer free digital downloads with each order. We call these “Book Perks.”

If you have a physical book for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or another site, Book Perks work incredibly well during the pre-order period of your book. That’s because everything you sell before your book’s official launch date counts towards the first week of your book sales. If you are trying to get on a Bestseller list, offering free goodies with each pre-order is one of the most effective ways to make that happen.

Here’s the way it works on Book Perks:

  1. The customer visits your Book Perks landing page and clicks a link to purchase or pre-order your book on,, or wherever else your book is sold. (Or they can purchase your e-book right from your landing page if you choose to sell it through Book Perks.)
  2. Once they complete their order, they return to your Book Perks page to claim their free downloads.
  3. They’ll fill out a quick form and upload their purchase receipt from the site where they purchased your book.
  4. We will verify their purchase (usually instantly), then email them a link to download their free gifts.

The better the free downloads you provide, the more sales you are going to get.

Here’s some ideas on the free Book Perks downloads you can provide your potential customers:

  • Audiobook version. If you have an audio version of your book, consider giving it away for free to those who buy your physical book.
  • E-Book or PDF version. If someone buys your physical book, consider giving them an e-book version as well (either in PDF, .epub, or .mobi).
  • Free chapters. If you are offering Book Perks during your pre-order period, consider giving your customers a few chapters of the book for free as a PDF. That way they can get started reading your book (and hooked on it) before they receive the book when it comes out.
  • Additional chapters. Did you write sections of your book that didn’t make the final cut? An alternate ending? You can give those away for free as PDF’s to those who buy your book.
  • Additional e-books. Have another e-book that would go well with your current book? An older book that isn’t selling as well anymore? Consider giving it away with every purchase of your new book.
  • Excerpts from your book. Turn sections of your book into topical PDFs that you can provide for free.
  • Video training. Record quick videos of yourself teaching different topics from your book and provide those as a free download.
  • Book reading. Record yourself (either audio or video) reading your book, or even just a chapter, and provide the video or mp3 as a free download.
  • Notes & Research. No doubt you’ve got binders, moleskines, or Evernote files full of notes and thoughts on your book. Consider offering those as a free download with each book sale so people can see the process it took to write it.

Most of these don’t take a lot of time or money to put together. There’s tons of content you already have that can be repurposed.